11 best WALTZ songs of 2020 for your 15th party.

This party is celebrated for a girl’s 15th birthday, simbolizing the transformation from girl to woman. It has some other names: fifteen party, quinceñera, fifteen years old party… But it is always remembered for the waltz dance, for that reason we’ve made this 11 best waltz songs of 2020 list, wich you can find down below. Also some of the most spectacular choreographies performed during the party waltz.


But first…


What is the meaning of the 15th birthday waltz?

This party is celebrated in all Latin American countries. Although, there are a few differences between each countries, there are many characteristics in common.


  1. Firstly, the quinceanera will wear a traje de gala (evening dress), and it will make her the protagonist of this marked day.
  2. The second characteristic in common is related to the accompaniment that the father makes with his daughter from the moment of arrival at the party.
  3. The dance and the spectacular dress will be the central event in the party, and the quinceañera will start it dancing a waltz with her father, later the rest of the guests will join them.


Then, depending on the country or the family, other traditions become important, such as the cake cutting, the last doll ceremony (wich symbolizes to leave behind her childhood), the presentation of her first heels, the candles ceremony ( the quinceañera delivers 15 candles to her 15 most important people)…
All these traditions mark a big step from childhood to women maturity.


Best waltz songs of 2020 for your quinceañera party

It is very important the choice of a song for your 15th birthday party. There are a lot of classic waltz, but there are also modern alternatives that may make unique your quinceañera party.


#11 Waltz 2020 – A Thousand Years


#10 Waltz songs 2020 – Halo


#9 Waltz music – Just Give Me A Reason



#8 Waltz music – Only Time


#7 Quinceañera party music- Thinking Out Loud [Official Video]

<h3>#6 15 years old party music – Love On The Brain </h3>


#5 15th party music- You’re Beautiful


#4 Westlife – Total Eclipse Of The Heart


#3 Beauty and the Beast – 15 years old waltz


#2 Fifteenth party waltz – Perfect



#1 Waltz songs 2019 – My heart will go one


Best 15 years old party waltz coreographies 2019

#6 15th waltz coreography


#5 Quinceañera waltz party coreography



#4 15 years old party waltz coreography


#3 Amazing 15th party


#2 15 years old waltz dance


#1 Waltz coreography


Quinceñera party full video




In addition to listening to this 2020 Waltz Music ????, you can discover:


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