21 best Tango songs of 2020 | Modern Tango Music

Today I am bringing you this great best tango songs of 2020 compilation. I know that is difficult to find good tango music on the internet so I decided to creat this music list so you can discover new songs and feel the music while dancing.

This time it will not do it as extensive as an other occasion because there is not too much to explain about these songs due to what it feels like to listen to them is pure calm and sensuality in equal parts.

Every month we will add new Tango songs of 2020 to this Tango Music list and at the end of this article we will list the previous songs that were there. Thus, every month you can discover the most popular tango songs during this year 2020.
PS: Remember to feel free to tell us on the comments wich song you like the most, or just write a tango that is not on the Best tango songs of 2020 list.

Modern tango music for dancing compilation of 2020 !

21Por una Cabeza – Carlos Gardel (tango song)


20 tango instrumental (tango song)


19 Raúl Garcés – Lejos de tí (tango 2019)


18 Claudio Novelli – European Tango (tango music)


17 Santa Fe – Que Baja Que Sube (tango dance)


16 Kylie Minogue – Can’t get you out of my head (tango songs modern)


15 Música tango


14 Besame Mucho (tango 2020)


13 Tango 32 – Chitarra Romana (argentine tango song)


12 Francesca Gagnon – Querer (tango music argentina)


11 ASTOR PIAZZOLLA Accordion Tango Argentino – ‘Sentimental’ (tango song)


10 The Empress Orchestra – Tango 65 (tango music)


9 Tangozar – El Tango De Roxanne (tango song)


8 Claudio Novelli – European Tango (tango music)


7 Shaggy Feat. Brian & Tony Gold – Hey Sexy Lady (tango songs modern)


6 Jose Rendon Santana – Buenos Aires Underground (tango music)


5 Sensation (tango 2019)


4 Amber Couple – Tango


3 C.Novelli – San Sebastian (tango 2020)


2 Música de tango 2019


1 Eros Ramazotti – Terra Promessa (best tango)


Give us your opinion about wich famous tango song of 2020 is the best for you

I am sure that after listen to all of these famous tango songs you have discovered a new song, and also I am sure you will enjoy dancing it with your couple 🙂
Remember to leave a comment telling us wich one made you feel more 😉


In addition to listening to this 2020 Tango Music, you can hear:


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