21 best KIZOMBA songs of 2020 | Kizomba Music

Finally, today I bring you the Best kizombas of 2020 list , I know that it has taken me a long time to finish grouping all these kizomba songs that you have asked me for so many days, but here they are 🙂

As I always say when you start dancing a new style, it is appreciated to have songs of that genre, because that way you can learn steps without getting tired of listening to the same songs again and again. That is why I believe that you will love these 21 kizomba songs of 2020.

For those who have been dancing kizomba for a few years, you may don’t need more kizomba songs to dance. However, there is no doubt that everyone love to hear new songs of kizomba when dancing so that it is always enjoyable and never lose the magic.

PS: I totally agree that in the comments you tell those songs you like the best, and also if that if there is missing any song in the list so that other people know it.
PS: We will be adding every month new Kizomba songs of 2020 to this Kizomba Music list, and at the end of this article we will list the previous songs.. This way, every month you may dicover the most listened kizombas 2020 of the moment, but also the best ones among the year 2020.
Enjoy all the Kizomba Music of 2020!

Kizomba songs of 2020 compilation

21 Yasmine feat. Badoxa “Perfume” (kizomba music)


20 Badoxa “Demónio da tarraxinha” (kizomba music 2020)


19 Nelson Freitas – Break of dawn ft. Richie Campbell (kizomba)


18 Djodje – Beijam (kizomba song)


17 Soraia Ramos – Agora Penso Por Mim (kizomba song 2019)


16 MARVIN & YASMINE “JE SERAI LA” (kizomba songs)


15 Love Remixes Kizomba [By Dj Kakah] (kizomba songs)


14 Matias Damasio – Loucos ft. Héber Marques (kizomba music 2019)


13 Zaho – Tourner la page (Kizomba Remix by Nindja) (best kizomba)


12 Jack y Sara Kizomba – Dance and music experience ( best kizomba dance)


11 Stifler’s: Teu Toque (kizomba song)


10 Trap Queen Remix Kizomba By Dj Anilson clip (kizomba 2019)


9 Kizomba Fusion Improvisation (kizomba music)


8 Asty – Curti Ma Mi (new kizomba)


7 lento – kizomba (kizomba song)


6 Mix Kizomba – CALEMA (kizomba song)


5 Yasmine: Apaixona(best kizomba songs)


4 Stony – Danca (new kizomba)


3 MIKA MENDES – MÁGICO (kizomba music)


2 Susie Dentu (kizomba 2019)


1 All of Me Kizomba (kizomba song)


Give us your opinion about wich song could be one of the best kizomba songs of 2020

You can help other people to know more kizomba songs. The same way someone may let you know by a comment a song kizomba song you don’t know yet and become your favourite song 😛

In addition to listenig to Kizomba Music 2020, you can also listen to:


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