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New bachata songs are becoming a revolution in this musical genre and especially its dance style, the sensual bachata. This transformation is getting achieved not only by consecrated singers (Romeo Santos, Prince Royce, Daniel Santacruz, Ephrem J, Grupo Extra…) but also by new emerging singers who are doing their way in an spectacular way, such as Dani J, Vicky Corbacho… However, we cannot forget two very important factors that have rised bachata today, dancers and DJs. On the one hand, bachata dancers have raised this genre to another level, opening bachata doors to many people who have been captivated by the beauty of their movements and by the essence they convey in each song. And on the other hand, DJs are also being an essential part, they are transforming big commercial hits
into spectacular bachata remixes, reaching many more people and making it a richer musical genre.

We will be adding every month new bachata songs of 2020 to this Bachata Music list, and at the end of this article we will list the previous songs.. This way, every month you may dicover the most listened Bachatas 2020 of the moment, but also the best ones among the year 2020 🙂
PS: For me, the best bachata is song number 7. I am sure you will love it.

Enjoy the best bachatas of 2020 ??!

Bachata songs compilation 2020 ? 😍

#21 Shallow – Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper (DJ Tronky)


#20 Ed Sheeran – Perfect (Bachata Music)


#19 Grupo Extra ft Daniel Santacruz – Volvieron A Darme Las 6 (Bachata music of 2020)


#18 What about us (bachata 2020) – Fabrik DJ ft. Pink


#17 Cómo mirarte – Dj Sensual (Bachata songs)


#16 COMO EL AGUA – Rotem Cohen Ft. Descemer Bueno (Bachata hits)


#15 Ofir & Ofri – Pablo Dazán – Perderme en ti (DJ Alejandro modern bachata)


#14 Romeo Santos – Sobredosis ft. Ozuna (bachata music)


#13 QUE VA – Manny Rod (Modern bachata 2020)

If you want to dance after watching and listening to this best bachata songs videos, you can do it here read all the benefits of dancing.


#12 Carlos Vives, Sebastian Yatra – Robarte un Beso (New bachata)


#11 Inseparables – Ephrem J ft: Dj Khalid (New bachata songs)


#10 Lloras – Grupo Extra (best bachata)


#21 Pablo Dazán – No hay nadie más (music for bachata)


#8 Daniel Santacruz, Dani J – Contando Minutos (Bachata dance music)


#7 Romeo Santos – Carmín ft. Juan Luis Guerra (best bachata)


#6 Dime quien ama de verdad (bachata)


#5 Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do FRANMUÑOZDJ (Bachata songs)


#4 Daniel Santacruz – Desnudos (Bachata songs)


#3 Ozuna ft. Romeo Santos – El Farsante (Best bachata songs)



#2 Killing Me Softly (new bachata) – Rebecca Kingsley Feat Wyclef Jean


#21 Vicky Corbacho – Pienso en ti (Bachata)


Bachata music 2019 – Extended list of previous months

1. Dani J – La Última Noche
2. Macy Kate – Never be the same (bachata new)
3. Paulo Londra ft. Lenny Tavarez – Nena Maldición (bachata 2019)
4. Milly Quezada – Lo Que Más
5. MALA – Mr. Don Ft. Lirow (bachata songs)
6. Decidiste Dejarme – Dani J
7. Bad Bunny – Amorfoda (Music for bachata)
8. POR QUE – Joel Santos Ft. Foundeur
9. Dani J – Tan Lejos De Mi (bachata 2019)
10. Moneda – Prince Royce
11. ¿Cómo pagarte? – Carlos rivera (new bachata 2019)

Why should you know the best songs of bachata 2019?

When I started in the world of dance I would have loved knowing the best bachata songs at this moment, I only knew seven or eight bachata songs and they were all old. That is the reason why I made this best current bachatas of 2019 so that no one has any excuse not to dance them. Also, you can’t deny that when you listen to a new song and you like it, you always dance it in an special way, with much more passion. I hope I surprised you today with the 21 most important bachata songs of 2019 and I am sure that with this bachata songs to dance list, you will become somebody who knows more bachatas of 2019!

Which are the best bachatas of 2019 for you?

You can leave me a comment below with new bachata songs, artists or DJs to add them to the Bachata Music 2019 list.

This way, we will make possible to other people discovering best bachatas to dance 🙂

In addition to Bachata Music 2019😍, you can discover.


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