Ataca y La Alemana | biography and their best 11 videos

Today I bring you the biography of Ataca and La Alemana and a compilation of their best dance videos.

Named as bachata kings , Ataca and La Alemana are one of the most acclaimed dance couples in the world, thanks to their own style and attitude they have managed to fascinate and attract a large number of people who didn’t know bachata or salsa before.

Currently they are dedicated to giving workshops in dance congresses around the world and it is that their style has allowed them to stand out and fall in love with the public since their first appearance, reaching more than 100 million views in their famous video   “Te extraño” by the music group Xtreme (you can see this spectacular video below).

Ataca and La Alemana videos

Ataca y La Alemana show

Ataca and La Alemana dancing bachata video

Jorge Burgos y Tanja Kensinger video show

Ataca y La Alemana dance in the beach

Ataca y La Alemana – Romeo Santos Imitadora

Ataca and La Alemana in congress

Jorge Burgos and Tanja Kensinger

Jorge Burgos and Tanja Kensinger bachata

Ataca y La Alemana video

Ataca and La Alemana footwork

Ataca and La Alemana coreography

Ataca and La Alemana Biography

Ataca bio

Ataca (Jorge Burgos) was born in Humacao ( Puerto rico ). He had his first contact with the world of dance in his university days, when he left one day and discovered a dance room where everyone danced salsa, immediately Ataca was fascinated by this new passion and soon began taking Salsa classes. < / p>

Nowadays, Ataca is recognized for being one of the most charismatic dancers with a soft and passionate style . This is also transmitted in his bachata classes done around the world, merging them with humor and lots of energy . He always makes his classes very fun and since he is able to simplify the movements, the students can integrate their figures and their technique.  

Ataca  also owns Island Touch Dance Academy , a service that allows new dancers to be trained with face-to-face classes or with online classes.

Tanja Kensinger bio

La Alemana (Tanja Kensinger) was born in Germany but moved to the US in 1996. Her nickname (The German), is given by its origin. Since she was a child she started dancing playing numerous dance styles such as ballroom, rock and roll, swing, jazz, salsa, kizomba …

Tanja Kensinger entered in salsa world in 2005 (with Nwery García, her previous dance partner), and since then she has continued her career in the salsa sector.

While developing his passion for salsa, & nbsp; Tanja Kensinger also began to feel a strong passion for bachata. Thanks to that she met Ataca and because of the passion they share, they have been giving dance clases since 2008 .

They have performed at various dance congresses such as the & nbsp; Miami Salsa Congress, Orlando Salsa Congress …, as well as several social congresses in Florida. Together they are achieving their dream and sharing their passion for bachata and salsa with people from all over the world.

And nowadays they continue giving workshops in dance congresses all over the world. So if you like to dance bachata and salsa and you have the opportunity to go to a dance congress where you attend, you will see and you will live in your own the reason why they are called as the bachata kings.

In addition to the biography of Ataca and La Alemana, you can discover:


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